The Best Vegan Restaurants in London

The Best Vegan Restaurants in London

You’ll have noticed that veganism is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s estimated that currently 7% of the UK population are following a vegan diet; with 22% of them living in London, the city is a certified hub. Vegan restaurants are popping up all over the place and luckily, many of them are just a stone’s throw away from one of our hotels. With this in mind, we’ve created a guide to the vegan restaurants you should visit during your stay at Point A.


Redemption Bar

320 Old Street, EC1V 9DR

With its chic, minimalist décor and healthy menu, Redemption Bar is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the city; there’s a ‘gram-friendly angel mural painted on the wall outside, providing a photo op before you’ve even entered the place. The brainchild of experienced businesswoman Catherine Salway and vegan chef Andrea Waters, it inspired the founders’ frustration that good times often come at a cost of your health (not to mention your diet). Their motto, ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself,’ sums it up perfectly. Their delicious menus (day time, evening and weekend) include vegan-friendly favourites like zucchini pasta, grilled aubergine and buddha bowls, as well as more gourmet dishes that prove plant-based diets are anything but plain. If you’re looking for a wild night out, you’re not going to get it here, since drinks are alcohol-free; embrace the whole, ‘your body is a temple’ thing and sample one of Redemption’s tasty mocktails instead.

Canary Wharf


3 Reuters Plaza, E14 5AJ

Named after the Spanish word for ‘chickpeas,’ Garbanzos is a small salad bar that specialises in falafel. Located close to the Canary Wharf shopping centre, it’s ideal for grabbing a vegan lunch on-the-go. What’s more, Garbanzos has an authenticity that stands out amongst a slew of chains; it’s small and locally run, meaning that the menu isn’t huge, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re shopping or doing business close by. What’s more, Point A’s Canary Wharf hotel is just a few minutes’ walk away (8 to be precise!).


Wild Food Café

1st Floor, 14 Neal’s Yard, WC2H 9DP

Located just a short bus ride from our Westminster Hotel (or a 30-minute walk if you’re feeling adventurous), you’ll find the Wild Food Café. Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, this laid-back eatery offers an entirely plant-based and organic menu of global-inspired dishes. Sourcing wholesome produce from organic farmers and ethical suppliers, they never use refined sugar, gluten, or over-processed ingredients such as wheat, peanuts and soy. As such, the menu at Wild Food Café is about as nourishing as it gets; their signature ‘wild plates’ are certainly worth sampling if you want to up your veggie intake. Though it’s open until 9pm Tues-Sat, the relaxed ambience, fuss-free approach and communal seating makes it an especially good option for daytime dining.

King’s Cross St. Pancras


200 Pentonville Road, N1 9JP

Mildreds – a group of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants dotted around London, opened its first Soho eatery way back in 1988. Determined to feed hungry Londoners and visitors alike with a purely plant-based menu, they sought to create a modern restaurant serving ‘good value, fresh and colourful international vegetarian food.’ The concept of plant-based diets had yet to hit the mainstream, so you could say they had a job on their hands; according to Mabel owners Diane Thomas and Jane Muir, ‘the word on the street was that [they’d] last 6 months.’ Needless to say, they succeeded; 3 decades on and Mabels has become a landmark on the vegan-London map. Their King’s Cross restaurant offers casual and late-night dining in a hip, industrial-chic setting. Just a 7-minute stroll away from our Kings Cross hotel, you’ll find delicious vegan platters, mains and puddings, as well as alcoholic cocktails, non-alcoholic mocktails and an organic wine list.



74 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH

Based in Notting Hill, Farmacy is a stylish West London restaurant offering a variety of plant-based dishes that have a strong global influence. Aiming to ‘raise consciousness around food,’ the menu is free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals – though crucially, it’s not lacking in taste. Whilst everything is served with health and nourishment at its heart, Farmacy don’t want you to miss out. Instead, they boast a ‘clean indulgence’ dessert menu full of sweet treats that are actually good for you, including a vegan ‘nice cream sundae.’ We’re sold.

Liverpool Street


135 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8JL

Tucked away in the heart of East London, this cosy little restaurant looks unassuming, but its flavoursome dishes pack a punch. In fact, it’s celebrated as one of the area’s ‘hidden gems,’ thanks to its traditional offering and commitment to sourcing quality ingredients. Their laid-back, Mediterranean menu isn’t overly extravagant either, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a spot of light lunch, or kick back for a casual evening meal. Popular dishes include their potato cake with fennel, which is served with a vegetable casserole and mixed salad.  Located just north of Liverpool Street station, it’s only a 15-minute bus journey from your Point A Hotel  (and trust us, it’s worth the ride).

The Best Vegan Restaurants in London 25th June 2018

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