Stories from the Frontline

Thank you to all those that nominated someone as part of our free night stay competition. We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of entries and it has been inspiring hearing all of the ways in which people are going above and beyond to help others at this time. Below are some stories that will surely make you smile.

Thanks to this amazing physiotherapist

Lauren is an incredible respiratory physiotherapist and perhaps one of the only people in the world actively encouraging people to cough near her right now! She has had to work extra weekends and night shifts and has done so always with a smile on her face. Physiotherapists are so often overlooked when receiving praise but Lauren has helped countless patients, particularly during this time when so many are in respiratory distress. Her incredible talent and caring nature has helped so many and I would love to be able to treat her to a couple of nights in one of your lovely hotels. To have something to look forward to would give her a real 'light at the end of the tunnel' and would be a fabulous, incredibly well-deserved, treat for her.

NHS Workers

Thanks to NHS workers

I would like to nominate my daughter for your Point A hotel competition. She is a registrar doctor who I am so proud of. Despite the daily risk of going to work and working alongside COVID patients she has not complained once. I can see how exhausted she is compared to normal and how stressful everything has been. She has been going shopping so that I can stay at home to isolate and has even been picking up items for the neighbours despite everything else she has going on. I think she deserves a nice break at some point in the near future and this opportunity sounds lovely.

We love this selfless mother and daughter duo

My partner works in a Scottish Hospital and her daughter works as a Staff Nurse in the ICU of the same hospital, they both work 12 hour shifts always putting others before themselves and are a true credit to the spirit of out NHS staff. And when their shifts are over they still find the time to ensure that Dad/Grandad has all his shopping and medication as he is over 75 and unable to get out to the shops and pharmacy.

Lady volunteering to give food

Thanks to those going above and beyond

I have a friend, Lorraine, who is partially retired member of staff in DWP and has increased her working hours, including working weekends, to help process claims for universal credit as she understands the extreme pressure those families are under and I know she is doing this with tremendous empathy. In addition to all that she is volunteering locally three nights a week to deliver medicine or food parcels to elderly members of the community who are shielding or families who are experiencing poverty.

Thanks to Supermarket workers

I would like to nominate my best friend Emma for the giveaway. She is a key worker as she works in Morrisons supermarket. She is putting herself at risk everyday with the potential to then take the virus home to her family aswell, working long shifts while still doing exams for university. All whilst having to put up with verbal abuse from customers that don’t appreciate the restrictions in place at supermarkets that are put there in place for their safety as well. I feel other key workers have been very undervalued and need to feel appreciated in this difficult time! Recognition like this I know would make her day and have something to look forward to in the future

Thanks to the Carers

Thanks to care workers

I believe Ashlee deserves a break. She is a carer working with young people with disabilities. She cares so much for her team and the people she cares for. During this pandemic that has not faltered or changed despite it is now proving to be more challenging physically and mentally. The lockdown has meant her care house has had to suspend activities and no longer allow family visits. This has had a toll on not only the people she looks after but the staff as well. However she still gives it 110% with a smile. It is people like Ashlee that help others get through these difficult times because of how much she cares and loves her job, which is tested during all of this.

Person with mask grocery shopping

Thanks to those keeping the food chain running

I would like to nominate my husband. He works for an agricultural engineers and is classed as a Key Worker due to the fact they deal with farmers and need to keep the food chain open. Although his work may not be considered as important as other key workers it is an important job for which he only receives minimum wage. He has also lost the overtime he worked every month to supplement his salary but still works his basic hours. He has breathing problems which he was waiting to see a specialist about prior to the lockdown and this appointment has now been postponed indefinitely so he is attending his low paid job dealing with members of the public in the knowledge that he could end up with health issues as a result.

From all of us Point A Hotels, we would like to say thanks again to everyone that is going above and beyond to help others at this time. 

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