Vic Lee's Corona Diary

As some of us look to baking bread or learning new skills during this pandemic, acclaimed illustrator Vic Lee lets his pen do the talking. If you've been to Point A Shoreditch, you'll be familiar with his funky, bold murals that decorate our hotel. We were lucky enough to catch-up with Vic and learn more about his art and his awesome new project 'The Corona Diary' which includes a small nod to Point A.

What is Vic's illustration style?

Many people refer to Vic's murals as 'wall tattoos' because they have flamboyant and decorative elements to them. He uses a lot of typography which allows him to be a storyteller in his art. Another signature element of his art is limiting his colour palette to just black and white, he describes this as adding a "romantic aspect" to it.

"When we think of black and white we think of simpler times and also black and white movies, photos.. it's almost as if when we take away all the colour, we are left with this really romantic view of how a lot of us would like to live, rather than being surrounded by noise all the time" says Vic.

When did he begin doing murals? 

Vic began his career as a graphic designer but started illustrating just 10 years ago. He's already worked with some of the world's best brands including Virgin Atlantic, Twinnings Tea and of course our very own Point A Hotels. At our Point A Shoreditch Hotel you can find Vic's work in the lobby area, on the external part of the building and also in the rooms.

What is the Corona Diary and how did it come about? 

When news of the coronavirus started coming in from Asia and then Europe, Vic describes it as a "strong foreboding, everyone didn't know what was going on." When Italy's Lombardy region closed off, it really opened his eyes as to what might be unfolding. That's when he found himself getting anxious about the whole situation. "No-one really knew what was going on, the government didn't really understand it either" says Vic. That's when he started working on the Corona Diary for his peace of mind, he also posted a Youtube video of him working on the diary to help get kids involved to start their own diary.

Over the course of a few weeks in lockdown and with more and more news stories, the diary kept on growing. From a mental perspective, by writing and drawing about the news, it allowed him to calm his headspace. There were also plenty of fun moments in the diary, including illustrations of wildlife coming back to urban areas.

Mention of Point A Hotels in the Corona Diary

After starting to share his work on Instagram and especially on Linkedin, he had more than a quarter of a million views and thousands of likes in a matter of days. With followers asking him to publish, he soon found a printer, setup a website and pre-orders for this self-published book have been flooding in since.

Corona Diary 2020 by Vic Lee

How can you get a copy of the Corona Diary?

This beautifully bound coffee table book is now accepting pre-orders via the Corona Diary Website. This first edition of the book will be signed and come with a special one off print. If you do order the book, be sure to find the small mention of Point A Hotels in the book! 

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