48 Hours in Edinburgh, Scotland

If you’re looking for cobblestoned streets and rich heritage, you don’t have to go far, Edinburgh is just around the corner. Once known as the ‘Athens of the North’, Edinburgh is the perfect place to unwind and get some much needed change of scenery. 

Victoria Street, Edinburgh Old Town
Kings Cross Station

How to get to Edinburgh from London

If you have got some time on your hands and want to avoid airports, we recommend catching the train from Kings Cross. The London to Edinburgh high speed train journey takes around 4 hours and 42 minutes to get there. Read a book, watch some movies or simply enjoy the picturesque views of the coast, the train journey is no doubt a pleasant one. There are plenty of direct train services to Edinburgh that depart Kings Cross Station on a daily basis. 

Edinburgh Castle

Things to do in your first few hours

Whether you arrive midday or in the evening, your first sight of Edinburgh Castle will surely impress. Before you start exploring, let’s unload those bags first. If you came by train from London, you will most likely get off at Edinburgh Waverley Station. 

If you’re eager to stretch those legs and don’t have too much luggage to carry then walking to our Point A Edinburgh Haymarket hotel is an excellent idea. Stroll through Edinburgh’s Old Town and you’ll catch sight of popular landmarks including St Giles Cathedral, Grassmarket and Edinburgh Castle. Not keen to walk 25 minutes? That’s okay as well, our hotel is just a short 7 minute walk from Haymarket Station.  

If you’ve already checked in online, then it’s simply a matter of showing your ID at reception and you are good to go. Drop your bags off and freshen up in our cosy rooms, we’ve got all the essentials. 

Closes in Edinburgh

Admire Edinburgh's Gothic Architecture

With a few hours left in the day, we recommend taking a walk through Edinburgh’s Old Town and appreciating the various gothic style buildings. Head over to the Royal Mile and you’ll find it lined with ‘Closes’. What’s a Close? A Close is essentially the narrow laneway in between apartments that connect to a courtyard and slope steep downwards towards the streets behind the Royal Mile. They were usually named after occupants or businesses of one of the apartments and usually locked after dark, only accessible to those with a key. An excellent Instagram spot for those of you who are the 'pics or it didn’t happen’ type of traveller.

Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Time for dinner in Edinburgh Old Town

With it’s close proximity to the coast, fish and chips in Edinburgh is an awesome idea for dinner and Bertie’s Fish and Chips on Victoria street have some of the best seafood options in town. Looking for a few more options? Continue down Victoria street and turn right onto Grassmarket square for an abundance of options. From Italian to French to a classic pub dinner, you have all the popular cuisines lined up next to each other. During the summer time, many of these eateries also have outdoor dining areas. 

After dinner head back to our Point A Edinburgh hotel and sleep like a baby on our super comfortable Hypnos beds. 

Edinburgh to Glenfinnan Road Trip

Road Trip to Glenfinnan

Just a little over 3 hours drive from Edinburgh and you’ll be transported to Scotland’s most scenic regions, highlights include Glencoe, Glenfinnan Viaduct and Loch Shiel. It’s also famous for being the backdrop for Hogwarts from the Harry Potter film series. We suggest leaving early morning around 8am, so you have a full day to enjoy the sites nearby. Grab breakfast on the go from our Breakfast bar and pack some lunch and snacks for the road ahead. 

In the summer months there are plenty of hiking opportunities near Glencoe and Fort William. Meanwhile in winter, Glencoe transforms itself into one of the best ski areas in Scotland. 


On your way back to the hotel, why not come back via Glasgow for a dinner pit stop. There are plenty of eatery options, we even have our Point A Glasgow Hotel if you’re done with driving for the day. If you’d much rather stick to the faster route, stopping at Stirling for some classic Scottish dinner is also a great idea. 

hike to Arthur's Seat

Classic Edinburgh Landmarks

There are plenty of things to see and do in Edinburgh, from hiking Arthur’s seat to visiting St Giles Cathedral. It’s really up to you how much or how little of your day you want to spend exploring this city. If it is a beautiful summer’s day, hiking to Arthur’s seat will not disappoint. 

End Your Stay with a Whisky Tasting Experience

If this is your first time in Scotland and you don’t mind a drink or two, then we would highly recommend a whisky tasting experience. Both Whiski Rooms and the Scotch Whisky Experience have various tours and tasting options. The most popular tasting experiences involve an hour group session with a Whisky connoisseur who explains how whisky is made, the 4 different regions of whisky and of course trying at least 4 different drinks. 

To celebrate the reopening of our Scotland hotels we are offering 15% off* stays between September 2020 to the end of April 2021. Don’t miss out, book by 30 September. At Point A Hotels we pride ourselves on having small hotel with big heart and we absolutely can’t wait to welcome you.

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