Point A’s Guide to Shoreditch

Point A’s Guide to Shoreditch 08th June 2018
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Eat Shoreditch- Find the Best Food in London
(a top 5 of the best and most unique restaurants in Shoreditch)

Located in the East End of London, Shoreditch is a vibrant, inner-city district which is packed with things to do. Even as other parts of London become the hip, cool place to go, Shoreditch will always have some of the best places to go to have a great night out. By day and night, your days will be jam-packed with all different kinds of opportunities and things to do in Shoreditch; from indulging in a variety of restaurants during the day to spending your night in the best bars and clubs, you will be spoiled for choice. When it comes down to nightlife, there are a number of different things to do and several places you can go to in order to experience a night that you’ll never forget.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields

Hawksmoor is a must visit steakhouse. Known for serving up delicious prime cuts of matured beef and other British classics, this restaurant focuses on producing top-quality melt in your mouth dishes along with great customer service. The cocktails are brilliant as well and there is a wide selection of other drinks to choose from on the menu too.

Hoi Polloi

Hoi Polloi is a wood-panelled brasserie and bar which serves a delicious all-day menu. Accessed through a small flower shop, you will be pleasantly surprised as you enter the large, stylish restaurant. The mix of historical and contemporary styling is what makes this restaurant unique and individual. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere as you tuck into a delicious meal at either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Jones Family Project

Located on Great Eastern Street, The Jones Family Project is the place for you to visit if you love international-inspired meat and steak dishes. What makes this restaurant different to any other is that it is based in a sleek basement and has a funky upstairs bar. The menu is varied with a selection of different dishes and there is a huge list of drinks to choose from. The great atmosphere and sensational service provided by the staff is what tops this place off as one of the best places to eat in Shoreditch.


If Indian food is your favourite, then head along to Dishoom. The vintage décor and upscale touches give the place some extra personality, making it different to any other standard restaurant. Watch the Indian chefs at work as they prepare some outstanding Bombay styled dishes for you to indulge in. With generous portions and affordable prices, Dishoom is the ideal place to come to with all your friends and family.

The Princess of Shoreditch

Looking for a place to eat some modern British food? If so, The Princess of Shoreditch is the ideal place for you. The 2-floor pub-restaurant has a nice, cosy setting, making it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal. With a wide selection of different foods and drinks to choose from, all being served as generous portions, you definitely won’t regret coming here. Make your way up the spiral staircase from the bustling downstairs bar and enter the stunning dining room where you will be blown away by the top-quality food and outstanding service.

We hope we have helped you out by narrowing it down to the top 5 best and most unique places to eat in Shoreditch. However, remember that there are plenty more outstanding restaurants in this famous inner-city district to discover, so see what else you can find. If you’re staying at our Shoreditch hotel, feel free to ask for any further information at reception.

Bar Hopping in Shoreditch
(a review of the weirdest and most wonderful bars in Shoreditch)

Shoreditch is famous for attracting young, quirky and creative types as well as being home to some of the weirdest and most wonderful bars. If you’re looking for place to go for a night out that you’ll never forget, then Shoreditch is the answer. With urban art spaces, underground dens and hidden speakeasies, Shoreditch bars are some of the coolest in the city. Check out our list of the best bars in Shoreditch here:

Urban Coterie Sky Lounge

This stunning Champagne and wine bar is definitely one of Shoreditch’s most wonderful. The beautiful city views and widespread list of bottles is what makes Urban Coterie so individual and unique. During the week, this place is perfect to stop by for a cold glass of bubbly and if you fancy a bit of food, there are cheese boards and charcuterie for you to nibble on. Visit the sky lounge on the weekend to enjoy a drink whilst listening to some top live background music.


Does a night full of jazz music, stunning décor and delicious cocktails appeal to you? If so, Nightjar is the place to be. Hidden by Old Street Station, this secret speakeasy bar offers a vintage atmosphere and you will be welcomed by the fun, friendly staff from the moment you walk in. If you are a fan of cosy bars with fantastic live music, this is the place to start off your bar hopping experience.

Bounce, Old Street

Have you ever been to a ping-pong bar? If your answer is no, then Bounce can easily change that for you. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to drink, eat or even have a few games of ping-pong, this quirky bar can provide you with all three. With each table fitting up to 20 people, you can bring all your friends and family with you to have a fun, exciting night.

Catch Bar

Looking for a bar that’s different to any that you’ve been to before? With Shoreditch having something for everyone, Catch Bar will bring a little Latina to the area, appealing to anyone who wants something other than the ordinary. Chill out and relax here during the week as you sip a delicious cocktail with friends and enjoy some delightful Tacos and Tortas too. Get your dancing shoes on for the weekend as you listen to the DJs as they mix the latest tunes together, providing you with top quality entertainment.

Shoreditch Nights - The Best Clubs in Shoreditch
(a list of the best nights out and clubs in Shoreditch)


Located on Rivington Street, this popular nightclub is always buzzing. A staple of the East End, Cargo is the place to be as it has all different things going on. Functioning as a restaurant during the day serving global cuisine along with decent wine and beer, it all changes at night whereby exhibitions and gigs take place, turning it into an atmospheric venue for bands and DJs. You’ll be provided with top quality entertainment.


This refurbished nightclub is one of London’s most respected clubs. You’ll be entertained by live music and some of the top DJs surrounded by street art aesthetic.

Zigfrid von Underbelly

Functioning as restaurant and a lounge during the day, this quirky take on a traditional pub is well known for its evening entertainment. With unusual mismatched chairs and surfboards on the roof, Zigfrid von Underbelly is a place you will remember. From rock nights to house events, there is something for everyone.

The Shoreditch

Located on Shoreditch High Street, this party/cocktail bar has a front row spot in East London’s lively entertainment. With a chic DJ bar across two floors and a pleasant lounge bar, The Shoreditch then develops into a full-frontal dance party, most nights of the week. If you’re into cocktails, then this is the place to go.

The Hoxton Pony

Offering a mix of both vintage and current, The Hoxton Pony is a split-level bar club surrounded by mirrored walls and street art décor. The varied cocktail menu and appearance of DJs on the weekend is what makes this club so popular. .

Each bar/club is within walking distance to each other so why not consider visiting all of them to see which one appeals to you the most? With Shoreditch being packed with things to do, these are just a few of the many clubs and bars to go to, so be sure to check out what else Shoreditch has to offer you by browsing the web. Or, if you’re staying at with us Point A Hotels, ask reception and they will inform you of the most popular places to go for great nightlife.

Bargains, Bizarre Buys and the Best Shopping in Shoreditch
(the best and weirdest shops in Shoreditch)

Whether you’re someone who likes small, quirky gift-shops or huge shopping centres full of the top designer brands and clothes, you’ll be in for a treat when you visit Shoreditch. Over the past 10 years there have been vast changes, but the vibrant, inner-city district has held onto its character by keeping the half-demolished houses, graffitied walls and creative vibes. Added onto that, Shoreditch shopping is hugely popular and has been for several years now.


Located in the heart of East London, Boxpark Shoreditch is the world’s first pop-up mall, making it a retail revolution. You’ll find the best fashion and lifestyle stores here as well as various places to eat such as cafés, restaurants etc. The beautifully designed shops are the main attraction as they are well equipped and all offer an interesting browsing experience. The monthly events that take place range from music to fashion to food so there’s something for everyone.


If you’re looking for a clothing store that offers you a range of other services other than rails full of clothes, then Aida is the perfect shop for you to visit. As well as being a place to purchase stunning top quality clothes with chic indie labels, you will also be invited to their in-store café or if you prefer, you will have the choice of getting your make-up and hair done at its vintage beauty station. At Aida, it’s all about the experience and making people feel welcome and involved so be sure to check it out.


Shopping at LN-CC is a unique retail experience meaning that it is a place that you must visit if you’re in Shoreditch. The experience is more like visiting a weird exhibition as you will discover when you walk through the illuminated tunnelled entrance, leading you to some top designer brands. Consisting of three rooms displaying a range of apparel and accessories, there is also a space where shoppers can browse a wide selection of books and rare vinyl.

Shoreditch Sites - The Town Hall
(a history and information piece about Shoreditch town hall)

If you’re in Shoreditch, visiting the famous Town Hall is a must. The magnificent landmark building, designed by Caesar Augustus Long and built on the site of the old Fuller’s Hospital, is a huge attraction and is known as one of “the grandest Vestry Halls in all of London”.  The Town Hall opened in 1866 and since then, it is recognised as being a key part of the cultural landscape and since 2004, it has been an independent arts and events venue too. The building is located on Old Street and is managed by the Shoreditch Town Hall Trust.

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