Old Street’s Favourite Coffee Shops – Go Where the Locals Go

The Shed: Taylor St.’s Coffee Shop near Old Street

“When The Shed first opened, ten years ago, there was really not much here. It’s really taken off over the last five years or so,” says Fanny. As the manager of the coffee shop, she’s one of the longest-standing members of staff. Her dog, Lucia, has her own special space in the corner.

The Shed is the nickname for Taylor St. Baristas Shoreditch. An Australian family business, Taylor St. is owned by three siblings who founded their first coffee shop on Taylor Street, Sydney. Ever since, they have been expanding worldwide, offering amazing products as well as training courses and coffee subscriptions.

When asked what makes The Shed stand apart from other Old Street coffee shops, barista Nico points out the obvious:

“Firstly, we are a shed. Secondly, we have a dog. And thirdly, we’re pretty laid back.” – Nico
On their way out, one of the regular customers adds: “You’re also very consistent! You serve consistently great coffee.” What better review could you wish for?

Nincomsoup: a Veteran Coffee Shop inside Old Street Station

Believe it or not, Nincomsoup has been serving commuters their morning coffee in Old Street station for 18 years already! Whereas pop-up shops inside the station now rent their spaces on a weekly basis, this is one of the few long-standing establishments, together with the Old Street Book Shop and the local fruit juice vendor, John.

Ramy, the manager at Nincomsoup, tells us that everything inside the shop is freshly homemade, from the porridge to the soup – even the almond milk. “In the kitchen, all of our foods are separated, so we can cater to vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies.”

“Today, we’re making fish soup, which is what you can smell right now because it’s made fresh.” – Ramy

Nincomsoup serves Ozone Coffee from the local roastery nearby. For a delicious cappuccino or batch brew, Nimcomsoup offers great value for money. A large filter coffee – Ozone single origin – costs only £2.00.

The Brew: The Best Old Street Coffee Shop for Working

The ‘Coffice’ at The Brew is an ideal place for freelancers and remote workers to base themselves. A four-minute walk from Old Street station, it has an accessible coffee area with warm-hearted staff who welcome people to stay all day.

“When we opened the place, we asked ourselves: what do co-workers love? They love good-quality coffee, lunch and breakfast, plenty of power plugs and superfast Wi-Fi,” says Justina, Commercial Director at The Brew. “We really designed our Coffice to cater to these needs.”

The café serves as a free workspace and casual meeting area for freelancers. On top of that, The Brew runs paid co-working spaces by rent24, which are part of Hackney Council’s affordable-workplace policy.

“What I love most about working here is that you build relationships with people.” – André, chef at The Brew

André describes the place as relaxed and accessible. Each morning, he makes the lunch salads at home. “The coffee I serve is from Butterworth & Son, a Bristol-based roastery that I really like. As the chef of The Brew café, I have a lot of freedom to choose my products.”

Renzo: Where the Locals Go to Meet

At Renzo, one of the quirkier coffee shops near Old Street, 80% of the customers are regulars. “We know most of their names and faces,” says Bindu, one of the baristas. Their favourite customers are the cute dogs in the area – particularly Frank, Flint and Spector.

As Renzo has been around for a while, one of the walls features an impressive collection of completed loyalty cards. We even found two stuck to the ceiling. “Our really tall regulars keep them there,” explains barista Balany.

“Before we had official loyalty cards, regulars used to just draw their own.” – Esther

Lots of people use Renzo as their second office space for casual meetings and interviews. Guests are invited to use the Wi-Fi, and you can sit downstairs if you are looking for a quiet place to work.

Renzo serves Alchemy coffee, which is roasted just by St Paul’s. “When we run out, we just pop by there to refuel,” says Bindu. One thing is for certain: this coffee shop will make you come back to the Old Street area for more.

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee around Old Street, why not venture off the beaten track and check out one of these coffee shops, beloved by the locals!

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