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Vic Lee's Corona Diary 12th May 2020 Vic Lee's Corona Diary

As some of us look to baking bread or learning new skills during this pandemic, acclaimed illustrator Vic Lee lets his pen do the talking.

Stories from the Frontline 12th May 2020 Stories from the Frontline

Thank you to all those that nominated someone as part of our free night stay competition. Read some incredible stories that will surely inspire you.

Why a Point A Hotel is perfect this Valentine’s Day 14th January 2020 Why a Point A Hotel is perfect this Valentine’s Day

Forget red roses and a Valentine’s day card, make your Valentine's Day truly romantic with a weekend stay at one of our Point A Hotels in the heart of…

London Activities for Dry January 07th January 2020 London Activities for Dry January

The Point A Guide to London activities to keep you entertained during dry January, whether it's date ideas, casual fun with friends or thrilling adven…

Londoners are the most demanding business travellers 23rd December 2019 Londoners are the most demanding business travellers

At Point A Hotels we know what makes a good hotel, but we decided to find out what business travellers want the most when they're travelling for work.…


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