Hot Tips for Dublin

Emerald Isla


Dublin is a RIOT in the summer.

Here are some tips to have much fun as humanly possible when you visit Dublin this summer. 

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1. Festivals

Dublin is making up for lost time this summer by putting on a wonderful selection of festivals - we would go to them all if we could?

15 - 16 July: The Beer Festival
17 - 18 July: The Rose Festival
21 - 24 July: The Comedy Festival.
11 - 14 Aug: The Big Grill Festival
17 - 21 Aug: The Dublin Horse Show
26 - 28 Aug: The Dalkey Lobster Festival
16 - 18 Sep: The Dublin Mind Body Experience

Find out more and book tickets here. 

2. Great food

There are a lot of touristic pubs and restaurants in Dublin - but that doesn't mean you can't find the real deal. 

The Woollen Mills is where James Joyce used to pull pints. It overlooks the Ha'Penny Bridge and serves everything from open-faced sandwiches on brown bread to Irish Porterhouse.

The Winding Stair has won awards for its food, beer pairing, and excellence. They take pride and make huge efforts to keep their place among Dublin's best-loved restaurants.

The Church is a cafe, restaurant and late bar, in a restored 17th century church. You'll find all walks of life and the place particularly comes alive Sun - Thurs when they put on free Irish music and dancing. 

5. A pub, a garden and a playwright

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and activist that has a massive effect on Irish culture to this day. The Bernard Shaw pub makes a heroic attempt to capture his passion for culture, kinsmanship and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.

Centrally located, you'll find live music, street food, a giant garden, karaoke, games, markets and more. These guys make an effort and have a loyal, brilliant crowd.